Deal Making

Securing agreements, joint ventures and payments


Deal making - the heart of fast cash, passive income, the leap into big transactions and reoccuring income streams long after the work is done.Knowing and understanding the structure , the process and legality is vital.

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Financial Growth

Cash vs. finacial development


Until the day we fully grasped the concept of finance and value most business ventures will remain 'just-another-job', but with increased pressure and responsibility... The day you decided to get serious with your business it is time to take a look at the financial value created.

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Holistic Financial Development

The whole truth about numbers and business


TO have an adoptive modell and be able to handle constant change has become a hard reality to most of todays business. Many co-workers feeling either pushed to the level of throwing up or totally detached... Taking a holistic view on financial development has become essential in the strive to find balance between exsitence and constant expectations of development.

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Funding Of Projects

Allowing innovation without the wip of fast returns


After decades of wipping more innovation out of technology and more time out of people the time has come when the market itself started to say no to too fast returns. NO to let go of genuine ideas and NO to a fast retirement instead of a meaningful life's work. If you are looking for other ways of funding your project than through the bank or venture capital...

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ASPASIA Worldwide

Latest news and articles from all projects around the world!

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ASPASIA Foundation

Aspasia Capital's core purpose is to handle and manage the funds of Aspasia Foundation (AF). AF is one of the few foundations worldwide focusing on economic and financial development for less fortunate indiviuals to recovery of local councils and related insfrstructure. The Foundation was started in Europe, but have projects on almost every continent. With its focus on youth and women the foundation's programs open a new view of small business banking and micro credits.

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